Bell Tent Safari Lounge

Set Design + Styling

Creative design styling and build for catalogue, commercial, photo shoots, convention/expo booths, fashion shows & more! Professionals in hard to navigate build spaces, impossible timelines & custom unique designs!

*Set design + styling available with or without trailer rentals

Parade pics-5.jpg

Lease Options

Take your brand on the road! Short & long term lease options are available for Vintage Bar Trailers, Vintage Vending Trailers & Vintage Campers.

All trailers can be customized based on brand’s art direction & style for mobile marketing campaigns. Leases include options for either Tinker Tin crew delivery + install at each campaign stop, or client’s in-house delivery + install.


Production Packages

Custom branded packages available for festivals, VIP experiences, trade shows & pop up marketing campaigns! Our VIP trailers + styled lounges, Vintage Bar & Vending Trailers, Sioux Tipis and Bell Tents create a one of a kind boutique mobile experience for every event, anywhere in the USA!