"The trailers are all restored 'from the ground up' because the vintage design requires removing the metal siding to fix any rot or damage on the inside. Since not many of the original trailer manufacturers are left, the company has 'junkyards' full of replacement parts that can’t be refabricated. 

Holm said her interest in vintage trailers came after she first lived in one at age 19 for travel. She 'fell in love' with the simplicity of the trailers and her 'positive experiences' inside of them. She says she’s lived in trailers three times."

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"Whether you’re looking to plan a retro-style campout with some friends and an ice box full of cold ones, or you’re trying to put together a caravan for your traveling carnival-themed wedding, a new vintage trailer company has got you covered. Tinker Tin Trailer Co. offers rentals of traveler trailers for camping, weddings, parties, and other events, and will even deliver them where you need them to be, set them up, and pick them up when you’re done. 

'It’s what I like to think of as a little boutique hotel room on wheels,' said Jaime Holm, Atascadero resident and owner of Tinker Tin."

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 "Jaime Holm is a nomadic wanderer who is not lost. Settled comfortably into her Central California country home, along with her husband Carl, she has found a small refuge to house and restore vintage trailers. Her passion to preserve a small piece of an American past time spawned an idea, and Tinker Tin Trailer Co. was born. Specializing in vintage trailer, tent, and tipi rentals, as well as photo shoots and event styling. Jaime will bring her nomadic village for the ramblin' hearts to any sort of happening and put her little special twist on it."