Production Trailers

Tinker Tin’s rare collection of period piece vintage trailers manufactured in the 1920s–1940s are available for film, commercial, tv, movie, production, museums, and more! 


1948 Airfloat 

1937 PopUp Vintage Trailer

1937 PopUp Trailer

1946 Mystery Trolley Top Vintage Trailer

1946 Mystery Trolley Top

1953 Canned Ham Vintage Rental

1959 Pink Shasta Canned Ham Trailer

1953 Canned Ham Trailer

1953 Silver Canned Ham Trailer


1958 Kenskill Canned Ham Trailer

1954 Kompak Boat Vintage Trailer

1954 Kompak Boat Trailer

1936 Mullins Vinage Trailer

1936 Mullins

1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer

1950 Westcraft

1954 Turquoise Canned Ham Vintage Trailer

1954 Turquoise Vintage Trailer

1948 Westcraft Vintage Trailer

1948 Westcraft

1936 Weld Bilt Vintage Trailer

1936 Weld Bilt

1948 Bungalow Vintage Trailer

1948 Bungalow

 Vintage horse trailer bar trailer rental for production and event purposes

1948 Vintage Horse Trailer Bar

1937 Hayes Vintage Trailer

1937 Hayes


1959 Pink Canned Ham Trailer

1953 Crown Vintage Trailer

1953 Yellow Vintage Camper Trailer

Vintage Vending Bar Trailer

1948 Vending Bar Trailer

1940 Bakfiet

1940 Bakfiet

Vintage Bar Trailer

1961 Vintage Bar Trailer


1940s Vintage Horse Trailers

1948 Kit Companion Vintage Trailer

1948 Kit Companion

Vintage Beer Vending Trailer

1948 Vintage Beer Vending Trailer


1929 Aero Car

1946 mobilglide vintage trailer

1946 MobilGlide

1964 Ford Vintage Ford Truck

1964 Ford

1940's Ice Box vintage trailer

1940's Ice Box

1962 Green Vintage Camper Trailer

1962 Green Vintage Camper Trailer