Trailer Pickin' Diaries: 1954 Aljoa

Gone trailer pickin'! Yesterday the skies were blue, the grass was green and the vintage trailer gods were looking down on us! We got a lead on a trailer that led us out to Carissa Plains, Ca for this 1954 Aljoa trailer! 

1954 Aljoa Vintage Camper Trailer

All it took was one glance at the inside of this trailer to be swept off of our feet! From the original flooring with little to no cracks, pristine birchwood with 0 water damage (that alone is like hitting the lottery with these old vintage trailers!) and all original appliances before we were backing up to the hitch and backing the truck up to the hitch... It was used as a hunting cabin the last 30 years so it hasn't moved much!

As pictured below, we had a minor setback when we hit a big bump on a backcountry road and the hitch broke sending the trailer smashing into the back of the truck before coming to a screeching halt on the asphalt. Of all the trailers we've hauled home over the years this was a first for us, but everyday is a new adventure at Tinker Tin Trailer Co... One small hole in the front of the trailer and a couple years off our lives later and we were back on the road headed home! 


A fun fact about the Aljoa Trailers was that back in 1956 they were sued by a company called Alcoa, for the Aljoa name. As a result of this by 1956 they were forced to drop the A and call the trailers, 'Aljo". On our original 1954 Aljoa we found a logo on the inside above the window with the Aljo spelling, leading us to believe this change may have begun to occur prior to 1956! 

Aljoa Trailer Brochure

This trailers was extra special because we quickly realized we pulled home its sister trailer a few years ago and made it part of our permanent fleet! The titles below showed that Our 1954 Aljoa Camper trailer was manufactured just 3 weeks before this one we pulled home yesterday...


Here's a photo of the restored 1954 Aljoa Vintage Trailer in our fleet available for rent!  

Ajoa Vintage Trailer Interior Photo

Stay tuned to find out how the story ends for our newest 1954 Aljoa trailer!

Happy Trails,

Tinker Tin Trailer Co.