ARISTOCRAT REVAMP! by Kendra Aronson

We added this 1962 Aristocrat to our fleet about 6 months ago! It is a fun trailer! Since it is a bit bigger in size, it is able to sleep more than just the usual 3 people. The farther away from the 1950s you get, the less round these Canned Hams are. This Aristocrat though, still has a pretty cute more rounded shape and we are lucky to call her ours! I instantly saw the potential in this trailer through the dingy paint and monochromatic curtains! Here are a few photos of a quick revamp we did to our 1962 Aristocrat! I got too excited and only took one “before” picture (it is of the counter below) the rest of the pictures posted are after white primer was sprayed. Before all that white primer ….. picture dirty tan/grey chipped wood paneling. It was gross!

Above: Original dark cupboards and curtains,

Step 2: tape and primer, Final product.. turquoise!

Front Dinette (it turns into a twin bed) Before & After

Cupboards from primed to painted! A bit gaudy but it’s growing on me!

My favorite part … looking in from the door at the BED!!

That is a short Queen Bed ladies and gents, and might I say… it is VeRy comfortable!

Picture camping, and waking up in this little room in the morning!

This trailer screams coffee and good book… oh and RENT ME!


What a blast we all had, this past weekend at the 1st annual Stranded in Morro Bay trailer rally. It was a very intimate and social rally with only about 30 trailers! It made it so everyone really got to hangout and visit, see all the trailers, and have a blast! It wasn’t your typical trailer rally. It was put on by the Central Coast State Parks Association, a non-profit that raises awareness and supports the local State Parks in the County.  On Saturday night there was live music, tons of wineries pouring, amazing local restaurants serving food and dessert! We ate good, drank great, were spoiled rotten and had a BLAST! Come out and support next year!! Here is a photo recap of the event. Check us out on Facebook for more pics!



We found this rare 1946 Curtis Wright trailer on a little dirt road east of town.

After seeing the shape, size and badge we new instantly it was RARE! They only produced these Model 2 Curtis Wright trailers in 1946. We have since learned.. only about 100 at the most were ever made… and there are only 16 documented still left in the USA! We are now a proud owner and member of the CW Model 2 Club! This trailer was made under Wally Byam (the Airstream inventor) supervision with his plans for a 1946 model only, he then left and restarted Airstream in 1947, but never made the Model 2 again. 

Curtis Wright Industries

Aircraft & Trailers

Loading up and driving home with the CW Model 2! Notice the slanted upward back end of the trailer. Wally Byam designed the trailer that way, so it would not scrape on the ground when driving over rough roads! GEniUS!!

It fit in quite nicely with the rest of our fleet!! We celebrated our…


We were honored to be a part of the fall Three Speckled Hens Antique and Old Stuff Show!

The Hens – Carrie, Susi, and Kathy are a riot! They are so creative and hard working!! We met a few of the Hens children at this event to… they proved to be equally fun, hardworking, and creative as well! We had such a great time meeting other dealers, shoppers, and like minded junkin souls!! We knew it was a good junk show.. when we ended up late at night at the local Elks Lodge .. drinking whiskey with new friends!!!!

We set up our Tinker Tin Gypsy trailer camp, preached the gospel about vintage trailers, bought some good junk, and had a blast! Here is a little photo re-cap of the event!!


TINKIN’ AND PICKIN’ by Kendra Aronson

“I am a thing finder, and when you’re a thing finder, you don’t have a minute to spare” Pippi Longstocking

I LOVE LOVE trailer picks!! I love finding new dusty gems hidden in the weeds waiting for a new home! My wheels start turning a million miles an hour when I see junk and trailers and more junk! I get a big jolt of energy!!! After that .. there really is not a minute to spare!! I guess that comes with being a “thing finder”!

I have loved meeting all the different trailer people out there. 9 times out of 10… if someone is a trailer person, they are also a collector of some kind… or just a junk loving person!! These people often share with us some great stories, a few history lessons, and sometimes a few of their items get to come home with us!! I have met dozens of amazing strangers. Some we now even get to call friends! I figured it was about damn time to start introducing them!

Meet Billy!

Meet Billy’s trailer.

Meet Billy’s other trailer.

Underneath that blue tarp is… another one of Billy’s trailers.

Billy is the kindest old man! Wacky in his own right.. but I guess every junker is. He told us lots of stories about his family, how he got around to collecting trailers and cars and firewood and well… everything else haha!  I learned a lot from Billy in a short amount of time.. but the main thing I learned was that he lives for love! To me.. that is a pretty cool thing to live for!

Happy Pickin’.

BEAVERSTOCK!! by Kendra Aronson

Castoro Cellars celebrated 30 yrs of Dam Fine Wine with a BOOM… and we were honored to be a part of it! Castoro set up a private campground in their vineyards next to the Festival, for close friends and family to camp out all weekend and celebrate with them! The festivities kicked off Friday evening in the campground with an awesome cook off, live music, and dancing! WE delivered 4 trailers for Castoro owners Niels and Bimmer, and their friends to camp in! We also set up a funky trailer lounge inside the festival.. complete with photo booth, costumes, and funky vintage furniture!!! Music lovin’, beer and wine drinkin’, and wild dancin’ festival goers stopped by our booth all weekend long! We rocked out to Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, the Gypsy SOuls, DAve Mason any many more!!!


JUNKING TRAIL by Kendra Aronson

“It is the way you ride the trail that counts”

-Dale Evans Rogers-


Join us this Saturday the 24th on the Junking Trail!! Hosted by Ruby Rose ….. Tinker Tin Trailer Co. will be at Anthology downtown Templeton!! 

Junkin is our favorite type of pilgrimage.

It requires concentration, dedication, reverence, hope, diligence, and perseverance! From big city picks to home town junk piles, we all have our religious junkin rituals. That is part of the fun that keeps us coming back for more! Sometimes after a day spent digging through dirty piles, I leave feeling uplifted and renewed! But once in a while I leave with my head hung low, dreaming of the finds I should have discovered! So the beautiful Dale Evans puts it simply…. It is the way you ride the trail that counts! No matter if you don’t find anything at all… if you have fun doing it… then your junk trail was well worth riding!!

Cheers to a little extra junk luck this weekend!! Let’s all get Junk Drunk!


  The Lone Pine Film History Museum is a MUST see when you’re road tripin’ through the Sierras! It is a favorite part of our pilgrimage!!! It doesn’t matter how many times we stop in and see the exhibits…. we always leave in a state of speechless reverence!! Many of the best western movies and shows were filmed in these mountains. The old Hollywood western film stars of those movies and shows added quite a bit more sparkle to already miraculous Sierras! What an amazing era!!!

The Lone Pine Film History Museum is dedicated to preserving the Heritage and History of the iconic “Cowboys,” Men & Women” in American Western Film.

Our favorite piece in the Lone Pine museum is of course Nudie’s pontiac!! Nudie himself decked out only 18 of these Pontiac Bonnevilles, and there are only 9 surviving cars left and 1 is on display at the museum!!! It is incredible! Us tinkers are OBSESSED with all things Nudie Cohn!! Nudie Suits, Nudie Boots, and Nudie Mobiles! Nudie was everything and more that we love! With pistols and pontiacs, glitz and glam, steer horns and silver dollars Nudie was a pioneer!

Our trips to the Sierra’s are always different! Sometimes it is spent solely backpacking in the mountains, and others its simply taking it slow by camping in the Alabama Hills. No matter what the trip is we always stop off at the museum. The trip this time was a bit different. We started if off in Death Valley and ended it camping at Whitney Portal. We backpacked to the top of Mt Whitney 6 months back…. which is the highest peak in the continental USA… so we sort of had to make the short dry trek into Death Valley so we could then conquer the lowest point in the continental USA. We were pleasantly surprised by Death Valley. It feels like you’re on the moon or on a different planet. We left Death Valley after a few days and ventured toward the mountains stopping off of course along the way for some old west lovin!! We accomplished one thing on our bucket list after this trip…. the highest and lowest peak in the continental USA in 1 year! Groovy!!

The Artists Palette    

Mt Whitney poking up behind our heads🙂

Death Valley surprise water fall

Badwater Basin- lowest peak in the USA

TINKIN’, TINKIN, AND TINKIN’ by Kendra Aronson

One of the most talented and influential female vocalists of the 20th century, and a big part of the early 60s famed Nashville Sound

PaTSY CLiNe was recorded saying “I’ve become a captive of my own ambitions.”

She was known to be as sweet as a pea, as well as having a brash and gruff exterior just like most of the boys. A little pistol in her own right, she is one of OuR favorites!

Today is MOnday… Monday is usually an emotional day 🙁  waah!! WHo wants to go back to work especially after amazing SUMMer weekends spent camping, BBQing, and adventuring! SO today I needed a little push! MOody MonDAy I’ll call it! Today I feel like PAtsy……  a captive of my own ambitions!! IN a good way though …. the hardest projects on most the trailers have been finished… so now its time for fun.. paint and decorating OHH YAA!!! After some morning kitchen dance moves with my kitty Sir Gregory, a pot of coffee later, and some major inspiration from some of the best ladies there were such as Kitty Wells, the spunky Brenda Lee, Wanda, and Patsy of course….. I am off to work!!  I am looking forward to spending the whole day outside Tinkin’ and Tinkin’ away at the trailers! The next best thing to surfing today is bronzing outside and working on trailers while listening to my MoODy MonDAY ladies and gettin’ inspired!

Happy Monday!!

GHOST TOWN A-GO-GO by Kendra Aronson

I am

a sucker for ghost towns!!

I think most people are suckers too!

It is hard not to be intrigued by the mystery of ghost towns! Half of the obsession is how hard the townsare to reach! Usually its a long long long long dirt road with tire popping pot holes left and right, that eventually leads you to the middle offreakin’ no where!! The towns are sort of creepy but really interesting! The west is abundant with them. The goldrush and mining bOomTowNS are my favorite though! They disappeared just as quickly as they popped up!

I wish I was a fly on the wall in one of those saloons. Hangin’ with the roughest and toughest guys in town. The kind of men who sourmash tasted sweet to and the kind of bar where glass bottles were broken regularly. Or listening to pistol shootin’ local ladies gab gossip while making a perfect loaf of bread with a kid on the hip. Those nomadic families that moved from one mine or creek to the other must have seen some incredible landscape and untouched beauty!

Taking a wrong turn, or as my Dad would always say “we’re taking the scenic route” thus creating adventures out of wrong turns, is now something we seek out!

Heading down the road on TiNker TIn picks

we are constantly driving past vaCaNt towns, VAcaNt buildings, and of course all the long lost GHOST TRAILERS we see on the way… all with a story of their own.

RIP little ghost tinkers. You had a good ramblin life!

    WITH LOVE by Kendra Aronson

    TInKer TiN is a TraIler CompAny that was created with LoVe, for All tHE DrEAmers, WanDerers, adVenturers, juNkers, TraveLERs, LoVers, CaMperS, ANd all TINKERS OuT TheRe wIth tHe SamE Mind!! We re-VaMP old CanneD Ham trailers FrOm the 1950s and ReNT them for Camping, SPecial Events, Weddings you name it! We style Out Rooms, we Plan Events, we Junkify Weddings, and sELL MerchaNDISE! But It all started with a TraiLER!

    Best said by one of my favorite characters of all time (tied with Calamity Jane, and Tinker BEll of course!) … Pippi Longstocking sang “little squiggle, you are clever, I do NOT want to grow up ever!!!” AND might I say.. WHo DOES?? How fun is being a kid.. not a care in the world, kids live for the next dirt mound to climb, Rock to Throw, and tree house to dream in! Our little tinkin’ trailers are meant to do just that, bring grown-ups back to the dirt, and goofing off, and travelin, and tellin’ stories around the campfire!!

    My love affair with life on road began in my mommas womb! Before I even had a choice about loving or hating being a road warrior… naturally I loved it! Growing up in a big family, road-trips were a constant! Yosemite is a big happy place for my whole family!! OUr family trips there are cause for much of my InspirAtion!! Camping, the smell of nature and fresh snow melt, hiking, road tripin’, swimming, picnics, sleeping under the stars.. all of my FAVoriTE things!!

    My dad taught my siblings and I all how to surf when we were little. I was the only one who took to it. I took to it pretty hard! Once I could drive I was off… road trips weren’t just once a year, they were every week! Traveling up and down the coast with my besties, surfing, wandering, and adventuring!! Once I moved out on my own… I gravitated to small ramblin’ spaces! I moved around quite a bit.. 10 different towns in only a couple years!!! Freedom of living out of a bag always called my name! I lived in a trailer in Santa Barbara.. mY trailer shower was full of my bOots, surfboards, and dREsses galore… soo… I showered outside in an outdoor shower surrounded by pine trees and flowers!! Nothing is better than taking a HOTT shower on a Cold NiGht.. OUtDoors, staring up at the moon while shampooing your Hair!! From trailer livin’ to VAn traveling all around Australia for months and months, then onto living in an old 70s knotty pine hotel room that was called a “studio” … my front door was as a glass slider overlooking all of Avila BEach! As the universe would have it… I moved back into a trailer.. this time moving up in the world.. and on to a double wide trailer!! The little back yard was big enough for my first garden, and the place where my husband and I fell in love! My love affair began and ended with trailers! Now I am able to create a trailer experience for all my fellow gypsy souls out there.. and it has never felt so right!!! I am truLY blessed to live this LIfe!! ThanK You ALL for the LOVE and suPPOrt!! Now lets PlAY!! Grab Your Boots, and A Beer and come Join US thinkin’, drinkin’, TinKIn’ and…. dancINg all night arOUnd the caMpfire!!

    WiTh LoVE,

    Tinker Tin Trailer CO.