TInKer TiN is a TraIler CompAny that was created with LoVe, for All tHE DrEAmers, WanDerers, adVenturers, juNkers, TraveLERs, LoVers, CaMperS, ANd all TINKERS OuT TheRe wIth tHe SamE Mind!! We re-VaMP old CanneD Ham trailers FrOm the 1950s and ReNT them for Camping, SPecial Events, Weddings you name it! We style Out Rooms, we Plan Events, we Junkify Weddings, and sELL MerchaNDISE! But It all started with a TraiLER!

Best said by one of my favorite characters of all time (tied with Calamity Jane, and Tinker BEll of course!) … Pippi Longstocking sang “little squiggle, you are clever, I do NOT want to grow up ever!!!” AND might I say.. WHo DOES?? How fun is being a kid.. not a care in the world, kids live for the next dirt mound to climb, Rock to Throw, and tree house to dream in! Our little tinkin’ trailers are meant to do just that, bring grown-ups back to the dirt, and goofing off, and travelin, and tellin’ stories around the campfire!!

My love affair with life on road began in my mommas womb! Before I even had a choice about loving or hating being a road warrior… naturally I loved it! Growing up in a big family, road-trips were a constant! Yosemite is a big happy place for my whole family!! OUr family trips there are cause for much of my InspirAtion!! Camping, the smell of nature and fresh snow melt, hiking, road tripin’, swimming, picnics, sleeping under the stars.. all of my FAVoriTE things!!

My dad taught my siblings and I all how to surf when we were little. I was the only one who took to it. I took to it pretty hard! Once I could drive I was off… road trips weren’t just once a year, they were every week! Traveling up and down the coast with my besties, surfing, wandering, and adventuring!! Once I moved out on my own… I gravitated to small ramblin’ spaces! I moved around quite a bit.. 10 different towns in only a couple years!!! Freedom of living out of a bag always called my name! I lived in a trailer in Santa Barbara.. mY trailer shower was full of my bOots, surfboards, and dREsses galore… soo… I showered outside in an outdoor shower surrounded by pine trees and flowers!! Nothing is better than taking a HOTT shower on a Cold NiGht.. OUtDoors, staring up at the moon while shampooing your Hair!! From trailer livin’ to VAn traveling all around Australia for months and months, then onto living in an old 70s knotty pine hotel room that was called a “studio” … my front door was as a glass slider overlooking all of Avila BEach! As the universe would have it… I moved back into a trailer.. this time moving up in the world.. and on to a double wide trailer!! The little back yard was big enough for my first garden, and the place where my husband and I fell in love! My love affair began and ended with trailers! Now I am able to create a trailer experience for all my fellow gypsy souls out there.. and it has never felt so right!!! I am truLY blessed to live this LIfe!! ThanK You ALL for the LOVE and suPPOrt!! Now lets PlAY!! Grab Your Boots, and A Beer and come Join US thinkin’, drinkin’, TinKIn’ and…. dancINg all night arOUnd the caMpfire!!

WiTh LoVE,

Tinker Tin Trailer CO.