The Lone Pine Film History Museum is a MUST see when you’re road tripin’ through the Sierras! It is a favorite part of our pilgrimage!!! It doesn’t matter how many times we stop in and see the exhibits…. we always leave in a state of speechless reverence!! Many of the best western movies and shows were filmed in these mountains. The old Hollywood western film stars of those movies and shows added quite a bit more sparkle to already miraculous Sierras! What an amazing era!!!

The Lone Pine Film History Museum is dedicated to preserving the Heritage and History of the iconic “Cowboys,” Men & Women” in American Western Film.

Our favorite piece in the Lone Pine museum is of course Nudie’s pontiac!! Nudie himself decked out only 18 of these Pontiac Bonnevilles, and there are only 9 surviving cars left and 1 is on display at the museum!!! It is incredible! Us tinkers are OBSESSED with all things Nudie Cohn!! Nudie Suits, Nudie Boots, and Nudie Mobiles! Nudie was everything and more that we love! With pistols and pontiacs, glitz and glam, steer horns and silver dollars Nudie was a pioneer!

Our trips to the Sierra’s are always different! Sometimes it is spent solely backpacking in the mountains, and others its simply taking it slow by camping in the Alabama Hills. No matter what the trip is we always stop off at the museum. The trip this time was a bit different. We started if off in Death Valley and ended it camping at Whitney Portal. We backpacked to the top of Mt Whitney 6 months back…. which is the highest peak in the continental USA… so we sort of had to make the short dry trek into Death Valley so we could then conquer the lowest point in the continental USA. We were pleasantly surprised by Death Valley. It feels like you’re on the moon or on a different planet. We left Death Valley after a few days and ventured toward the mountains stopping off of course along the way for some old west lovin!! We accomplished one thing on our bucket list after this trip…. the highest and lowest peak in the continental USA in 1 year! Groovy!!

The Artists Palette    

Mt Whitney poking up behind our heads🙂

Death Valley surprise water fall

Badwater Basin- lowest peak in the USA