One of the most talented and influential female vocalists of the 20th century, and a big part of the early 60s famed Nashville Sound

PaTSY CLiNe was recorded saying “I’ve become a captive of my own ambitions.”

She was known to be as sweet as a pea, as well as having a brash and gruff exterior just like most of the boys. A little pistol in her own right, she is one of OuR favorites!

Today is MOnday… Monday is usually an emotional day 🙁  waah!! WHo wants to go back to work especially after amazing SUMMer weekends spent camping, BBQing, and adventuring! SO today I needed a little push! MOody MonDAy I’ll call it! Today I feel like PAtsy……  a captive of my own ambitions!! IN a good way though …. the hardest projects on most the trailers have been finished… so now its time for fun.. paint and decorating OHH YAA!!! After some morning kitchen dance moves with my kitty Sir Gregory, a pot of coffee later, and some major inspiration from some of the best ladies there were such as Kitty Wells, the spunky Brenda Lee, Wanda, and Patsy of course….. I am off to work!!  I am looking forward to spending the whole day outside Tinkin’ and Tinkin’ away at the trailers! The next best thing to surfing today is bronzing outside and working on trailers while listening to my MoODy MonDAY ladies and gettin’ inspired!

Happy Monday!!