“I am a thing finder, and when you’re a thing finder, you don’t have a minute to spare” Pippi Longstocking

I LOVE LOVE trailer picks!! I love finding new dusty gems hidden in the weeds waiting for a new home! My wheels start turning a million miles an hour when I see junk and trailers and more junk! I get a big jolt of energy!!! After that .. there really is not a minute to spare!! I guess that comes with being a “thing finder”!

I have loved meeting all the different trailer people out there. 9 times out of 10… if someone is a trailer person, they are also a collector of some kind… or just a junk loving person!! These people often share with us some great stories, a few history lessons, and sometimes a few of their items get to come home with us!! I have met dozens of amazing strangers. Some we now even get to call friends! I figured it was about damn time to start introducing them!

Meet Billy!

Meet Billy’s trailer.

Meet Billy’s other trailer.

Underneath that blue tarp is… another one of Billy’s trailers.

Billy is the kindest old man! Wacky in his own right.. but I guess every junker is. He told us lots of stories about his family, how he got around to collecting trailers and cars and firewood and well… everything else haha!  I learned a lot from Billy in a short amount of time.. but the main thing I learned was that he lives for love! To me.. that is a pretty cool thing to live for!

Happy Pickin’.