Meet our newest Tinker Tin Team Ambassador, hometown girl Kara Kester!! This 17 year old Central Coast native is extremely talented, and is making a name for herself in women’s rodeo! Born and raised in Parkfield Ca, Kara competed for and won the title of 2013/2014 Miss California High School Rodeo! Kara is a member of the California High School Rodeo in District 7 as well as West Coast Jr. Rodeo. Kara lives the gypsy lifestyle and is constantly on the road from rodeo to rodeo, she has the biggest personality (and is quite the pistol to), loves the outdoors, she adores her animals, and all around embodies what Tinker Tin Trailer Company stands for!! We are soo looking forward to being a part of her journey this next year!! Look for our Tinker Tin patches on her rodeo shirts this year, and come support our newest edition to the Tinker Tin family!! Read below for an interview with Kara!!


NAME- Kara Kester

AGE- 17 years old

WHAT EVENTS DO YOU COMPETE IN? – I compete in all the girl high school rodeo events: barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, team roping, breakaway roping, and cutting.


WHAT IS YOU FAVORITE EVENT? – My favorite event is team roping because I am able to practice with my family and friends.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR HORSES. – I have three horses that are my absolute everything. They are the true athletes in the sport of rodeo and I treat them as such. I use my horse Bay for barrels, Niner (huge San Fran football fan) for team roping, pole and goats, Gray for breakaway, and this year I’ll be using Booger for cutting.


YOU WERE NAMED MISS CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL RODEO FOR 13/14, HOW DID YOU WIN THAT TITLE? – Last year I was names Miss California High School Rodeo Queen. California High School Rodeo is broken up into 9 districts that contestants compete in. Each one of those districts has a competition for queen that qualifies a lady to compete at state finals for Miss Ca. I was fortunate enough to be able to accomplish winning Miss District 7, as well as Miss CHSRA. Gaining that title meant so much to me because it meant that I could represent the sport that I grew up with and made me the person I am today.

WHAT DOES THIS NEXT YEAR LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? – Next year I will be a senior at Paso Robles High. I plan to rodeo to the best of my ability and pick up a new event called reining cow horse. Just like any other year, it will definitely be busy, with a lot of time spent on the road and competing, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF RODEO? – My hobbies outside of rodeo are competing in FFA, raising, showing, and selling my own show cattle, working on my families cattle ranch, running barefoot around our two vineyards and traveling. As the youngest of three kids, I love being around my family. They are truly my rock when I compete.


AT TINKER TIN WE LOVE LIFE ON THE ROAD, ADVENTURE, AND ENDLESSLY CHANGING HORIZONS. HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY WITH THAT? – What I love about Tinker Tin Trailer Co. is the encouragement of self discovery and doing what you love. Rodeo is not for everyone, but it is something I genuinely have an intense passion for. Through all the late nights of driving hour after hour, through all the bad rodeos, through all the victories- it’s all worth it to do what you love!


Well said Kara!!! Welcome to team Tinker Tin!!