A week ago my mom and I went on our first ever mother-daughter camp out, just the 2 of us ….. and shit, did we have a blast! I grew up camping with my family… but when you’re from a large family of 6, its everyone goes or nothin’. We joined about 90 other ladies with their vintage trailers, tents, and RVs for our 1st, and their 4th annual Lake Lopez camp out! I had heard of Sisters on the Fly a while ago, but didn’t know they had chapters and events in California. I am so happy I was told otherwise! A few of the “sisters” that live in San Luis Obispo County had heard about Tinker Tin, and went out of their way to invite us to the camp out! I am so happy and grateful they did! It was a weekend spent with amazing company, incredible food, every drink you could think of, great music (Grammy winner Louie Ortega played for us 1 night), and non-stop laughter!! My mom and I were hooked instantly, and we have never ever felt so welcomed by anyone in our lives! Wejoined SOTF the day we got home! Below is a recap from the weekend! If you want to learn more about Sisters on the Fly check them out at!