“It is the way you ride the trail that counts”

-Dale Evans Rogers-


Join us this Saturday the 24th on the Junking Trail!! Hosted by Ruby Rose ….. Tinker Tin Trailer Co. will be at Anthology downtown Templeton!! 

Junkin is our favorite type of pilgrimage.

It requires concentration, dedication, reverence, hope, diligence, and perseverance! From big city picks to home town junk piles, we all have our religious junkin rituals. That is part of the fun that keeps us coming back for more! Sometimes after a day spent digging through dirty piles, I leave feeling uplifted and renewed! But once in a while I leave with my head hung low, dreaming of the finds I should have discovered! So the beautiful Dale Evans puts it simply…. It is the way you ride the trail that counts! No matter if you don’t find anything at all… if you have fun doing it… then your junk trail was well worth riding!!

Cheers to a little extra junk luck this weekend!! Let’s all get Junk Drunk!