I am

a sucker for ghost towns!!

I think most people are suckers too!

It is hard not to be intrigued by the mystery of ghost towns! Half of the obsession is how hard the townsare to reach! Usually its a long long long long dirt road with tire popping pot holes left and right, that eventually leads you to the middle offreakin’ no where!! The towns are sort of creepy but really interesting! The west is abundant with them. The goldrush and mining bOomTowNS are my favorite though! They disappeared just as quickly as they popped up!

I wish I was a fly on the wall in one of those saloons. Hangin’ with the roughest and toughest guys in town. The kind of men who sourmash tasted sweet to and the kind of bar where glass bottles were broken regularly. Or listening to pistol shootin’ local ladies gab gossip while making a perfect loaf of bread with a kid on the hip. Those nomadic families that moved from one mine or creek to the other must have seen some incredible landscape and untouched beauty!

Taking a wrong turn, or as my Dad would always say “we’re taking the scenic route” thus creating adventures out of wrong turns, is now something we seek out!

Heading down the road on TiNker TIn picks

we are constantly driving past vaCaNt towns, VAcaNt buildings, and of course all the long lost GHOST TRAILERS we see on the way… all with a story of their own.

RIP little ghost tinkers. You had a good ramblin life!