We added this 1962 Aristocrat to our fleet about 6 months ago! It is a fun trailer! Since it is a bit bigger in size, it is able to sleep more than just the usual 3 people. The farther away from the 1950s you get, the less round these Canned Hams are. This Aristocrat though, still has a pretty cute more rounded shape and we are lucky to call her ours! I instantly saw the potential in this trailer through the dingy paint and monochromatic curtains! Here are a few photos of a quick revamp we did to our 1962 Aristocrat! I got too excited and only took one “before” picture (it is of the counter below) the rest of the pictures posted are after white primer was sprayed. Before all that white primer ….. picture dirty tan/grey chipped wood paneling. It was gross!

Above: Original dark cupboards and curtains,

Step 2: tape and primer, Final product.. turquoise!

Front Dinette (it turns into a twin bed) Before & After

Cupboards from primed to painted! A bit gaudy but it’s growing on me!

My favorite part … looking in from the door at the BED!!

That is a short Queen Bed ladies and gents, and might I say… it is VeRy comfortable!

Picture camping, and waking up in this little room in the morning!

This trailer screams coffee and good book… oh and RENT ME!