We found this rare 1946 Curtis Wright trailer on a little dirt road east of town.

After seeing the shape, size and badge we new instantly it was RARE! They only produced these Model 2 Curtis Wright trailers in 1946. We have since learned.. only about 100 at the most were ever made… and there are only 16 documented still left in the USA! We are now a proud owner and member of the CW Model 2 Club! This trailer was made under Wally Byam (the Airstream inventor) supervision with his plans for a 1946 model only, he then left and restarted Airstream in 1947, but never made the Model 2 again. 

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Loading up and driving home with the CW Model 2! Notice the slanted upward back end of the trailer. Wally Byam designed the trailer that way, so it would not scrape on the ground when driving over rough roads! GEniUS!!

It fit in quite nicely with the rest of our fleet!! We celebrated our…