Tinker Tin Trailer Co. was created for adventure, wrong turns, and endlessly changing horizons! 

Tinkin’ is a lifestyle… for all the ramblin’ hearts!


Established in 2012 & located on the Central Coast of California, Tinker Tin’s nostalgic trailers and tents give guests the chance to enjoy and cherish a time once passed, where trailers were made out of wood and laundry hung on the line!

The name Tinker Tin was inspired by an infamous 1950’s fairy. Tinker Bell was a little pistol. She had sass and attitude, and was always living a life of fun and adventure! Our little tinkin’ trailers and tents are here for the same purpose. Tinker Tin leads people back to the wild, to history, to nature and the outdoors… to cooking by a campfire and staring up at the stars!

Along with little fairy Tink, we have a thing or two in common with the founding tinkers. The original 13th century tinkers were tinsmiths who mended utensils and tools. Tinkers were known as traveling people, who lived and traveled with the gypsies—they were also known for drinking too much and swearing habitually!

So Tinkin’ is our modern nomadic lifestyle... laughing, cussin’, camping, dreaming, livin’, rambling, and traveling.

Whether it be camping here in San Luis Obispo County or traveling all across the country, come join the Tinker Tribe and book a trailer for any event in the USA! 

Pack a bag, grab your boots & come join the adventure!